Martin Newth
  Parallax, 2014-2017

Parallax is an exchange between ASP Katowice in Poland and Chelsea College of Arts, London. Coordinated by Pawel Mendrek and Martin Newth the project has included exhibitions in Katowice and London. Parallax sets out to ask questions about what an art school is and what it might become. Parallax acknowledges that an art school’s function is a test site: one that allows for discourse to be enacted through making work, where ideas and approaches, methods and technologies are shared, challenged and developed.
The first exhibition took place in Poland in June–September 2015. Parallax #1 marked the completion of the Katowice Fine Art Academy’s new building. The work responded directly to the architecture of the purpose-built art school and was installed in the months before the students moved in. Parallax #2 took place in 2016. The art school building at Chelsea, steeped in history and re-imagined over generations of occupants, provided a very different context for Parallax #2. The artworks, made in a range of media including film, photography, text, performance and sculpture responded to what an art school may be: as a place, an idea, a community, a set of histories or as an architectural site.



  Parallax #2 installation. Katrine Hjelde, Travel Agency, Martyn Simpson and Dominik Ritszel  
  Parallax #2 installation. Serena Huang and Katrine Hjelde  


  Parallax #2 installation. Martyn Simpson, Dominik Ritszel and Martin Newth  

  Parallax #2 installation. Anka Sielska and Gill Addison  

Parallax #2 installation. Chris Wainwright, Ben Fitton and Robin Jenkins

  Parallax #2 installation. Colin Priest and Ken Wilder  
  Parallax #2 installation. Ben Fitton and Secondeditions  
  Parallax #1 installation. Katrine Hjelde.  
  Parallax #1 installation. Jo Bruton  
  Parallax #1 installation. Martin Newth  
  Parallax #1 installation. Ben Fitton.  
  Parallax #1 installation. Gill Addison  
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