Martin Newth

IN TRANSIT, 2021-22





  IN TRANSIT is a short film essay made in the London Borough of Hounslow by Martin Newth. This 20 minute film-essay is commissioned by Creative People and Places Hounslow, supported by the London Borough of Hounslow Library Services and funded by Arts Council England.  

It explores aspects of Hounslow, considering how the Borough might be understood as a place in flux, one defined by the movement of people and things. The film looks at the way Hounslow has been depicted in the past, including a watercolour painting by JMW Turner, a film, Radio On, by Chris Petit, and the 2006 novel Londonstani by Gautam Mulkani. Predominantly focusing on the Borough’s transport networks including the roads, rivers and flight paths, the film describes the act of recording Hounslow through film and photography. In addition, Martin Newth uses images of plants made in areas such as Bedfont Lakes and other previously industrial places, to explore ideas about control and the landscape. 




IN TRANSIT is part of the ‘Depictions of Hounslow’ project. Responses to the film are invited from anyone who wishes to make a short film about an aspect of Hounslow based on ideas raised in the film essay.





Himalayan Balsam. Photographed on Hounslow Heath

  Photographing 'Rush Hour' A4, 2021  
  Rush Hour, A4, 2021  


  Common Mallow, Photographed in Bedfont Lakes, Hounslow
  From Kew Bridge, Looking towards Brentofrd Ait, Houslow
  English Oak (with Erysiphe alphitoides fungus)
  Plane descending towards Heathrow